Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What are you scared of?

For those interested, right now I am feverishly slaving away at the PC in a desperate attempt to finally finish my latest creative offering before I completely morph into the main character and go totally insane.

Not that he’s mad exactly. But it’s all about a kid with multiple phobias and the many problems they cause him in life.

Since coming up with the idea and doing a bit of research with friends, family and school kids, I've unwittingly dug up a whole world of pain out there! Who knew so many people had thing about peanut butter? Or that butterflies can be so blood chillingly terrifying?

I guess we all have a few hang ups and it’s all a matter of degrees. For example I’m not that great with heights but that doesn't mean I have climacophobia.

Want to know what that is? Check out the video. The phobia is 100% real but I’m not so sure about this cure…. You be the judge.

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