Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ow! That hurts...

Many people see writing as a great form of relaxation and when I'm not working to a deadline, I couldn't agree more.  But while it might be good for the soul, I've got to say I don’t think it does much for the body. 

All the sitting in one spot and randomly nibbling on comfort food as you patiently wait for that lightning bolt of inspiration. It’s not exactly training for the Olympics is it? 

So is it any wonder there are so many obscenely obese famous writers out there?...alright I can't think of any either, but seriously there have to be thousands.

While I might not be stacking the weight on myself just yet, sadly it’s clear that I’m not immune to the perils of writing either.  Just recently all that constant hunching over my keyboard and the pressing of my nose against the screen has been giving me the worst neck pain. And before you ask, no of course I don’t need to wear glasses- everyone sits that way don’t they?

Worse still, now my only form of real exercise is beginning to do even more damage than the writing! While a professional career in the English premier league is still a slim outside chance, I've been reluctant to give away my passion of playing social soccer every weekend.

But any hope of catching the eye of the Manchester United talent scouts this year looks more remote than ever, thanks to a truly hideous run of mystery injuries. Three months in a moon boot with my ankle falling off has been swiftly followed up with a string of inexplicable knocks and strains that are beginning to make me wonder if I might be rapidly falling apart.

On the plus side, at least with so many different body parts currently in agony, I hardly notice my neck problem at all at the moment.

Another plus is that since buying an Xbox to help me research Andy Flegg's passion, I have actually got pretty nifty at FIFA 13. Sure, it may not be quite the same thing as actually running around on the pitch myself, but I have to admit my ball skills are definitely better when I've got a game controller in my hand.

Sorry I'll have to stop there. I think I may've just done another hammy in my finger…

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