Wednesday, 3 July 2013


If I was you and I’d accidentally stumbled onto this blog in search of some decent lion taming tips, or had perhaps Googled my name looking for the American plastic surgeon also called Mark Pardoe and found this instead, then I think these might be the sorts of questions I’d be asking:

Why have you started this blog?
Because my second book - The Andy Flegg Survival Guide is being published by Penguin Australia this month. And after twelve months of hiding under a rock since my first book - Not Bog Standard, came out,  I have finally decided that if I want to take this writing thing vaguely seriously then I should probably stop being completely invisible.

Why have you decided to take this writing thing vaguely seriously?
Because some people seem to like what I am writing and despite being trapped inside all day with my dog, I actually enjoy doing it a great deal. Also I think my dog really appreciates the company.   

Why do you write for children?
Because I can't write for adults.  Actually I've never tried that but to be honest I’m not sure I've got a choice.  Despite being a little older now, my brain still seems to be hard wired to think like a twelve year old kid's. I know this for a fact because my thirteen year old daughter tells me to grow up almost every single day. Also my favourite TV shows are Doctor Who and The Simpsons.

Why did you start writing in the first place?
That needs an entirely new post. Coming soon.....

Why is it called life in the lion cage?
Because if I had the chance to live my life again and I wasn't reborn as a baby girl named J.K Rowling. And I still failed to make it as international soccer or rock star, then I think I would like to go and work in a circus. No, of course I don’t condone keeping endangered wild animals in tiny cages and poking them with pointy sticks to stop them from eating me. 

But come on! Who wouldn't want to be a lion tamer!

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  1. Hi mark, love the new book - best yet! Thx & keep'em coming, melissa


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