Tuesday, 23 July 2013

It's arrived and I don't mean the Royal baby!

After many months of waiting, The Andy Flegg Survival Guide has finally arrived on a bookshelf near you (hopefully)!

I’m guessing the fact that you’re even reading this means you already know what it’s about so I won’t bore you with that. However just in case you were still looking for that American plastic surgeon also called Mark Pardoe and found me by mistake then this very first review at Books &Publishing should enlighten you a little.

What I mostly wanted to say was a big thanks to all at Penguin for picking it up in the first place and giving me so much support and enthusiasm to get it to this point. You know who you are, Lisa et al.

No doubt Heather’s wonderful and tireless editing has made it a far better book than we started with. Although I must admit I was wondering how long it might take when we were still changing several things the day before the print run!

Also I am sure readers will be relieved to hear that Penguin wisely pulled in a great illustrator (Tony) to revamp my original lame attempts at doodling. The illustrations were supposed be Andy’s and no one actually said so but we all knew that my artistic skills didn't quite match that of a typical 11 year old's. In case you’re wondering, no I didn't ever mention that I once did a 12 month stint as a primary school Art teacher. Sorry kids, but we did have some fun and who could forget that paper mache fight?

Finally thanks Tina for turning me into a global celebrity (work in progress but well on the way). And in a nutshell, it’s hard to imagine working with a better publishing team.

So go on, off you go. Go and read it. And please let me know what you think!

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