Saturday, 19 October 2013

Road Tripping WA

Just a quick post to quash any rumours of an alien abduction. The truth is I have just returned from three adventure packed weeks on the road in the north west of Western Australia.

This is not a travel blog so I wont bore you with the details, except to say everyone involved had a fantastic time. From Perth up to Newman then onto Karijini National Park and over to the aquatic wonders of Exmouth and Coral Bay - 4,500km of red dirt, blue skies and wind!

The highlights for me had to be the amazing colour filled landscapes of Karijini, perhaps only bettered by the fish soup we discovered under Exmouth pier and on Ningaloo reef.

The only low-lights I can think of were barely worth mentioning. Putting a leaky bag of squid in our fridge early on and consequently having to eat squid flavoured food for the rest of the trip wasn't so bad once we got used to the taste.  Even ripping the tent in half with our car during a gale at our Exmouth beach camp, turned out to be not to be such a big deal once we found a great tent repair man in town.

Definitely a holiday to remember and hopefully one to repeat...perhaps without the squid next time though.

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